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Solar Energy

"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle."

Saint Francis of Assisi

Love Communities will use 100% renewable energies, mostly solar, but sometimes including wind and microhydro, and perhaps even geothermal.

The size of the solar system to power one community will be about two megawatts (MW), with about ten MW hours of energy storage. This stored energy is enough to run one community for three days without the sun.

This massive two MW solar microgrid will be more than sufficient to supply the electricity for our 144 residential domes, eight business domes, a few greenhouses, charging for all of our electric transportation, and the lighting of our community.

Our two MW solar system with ten MW hours of energy storage will cover five acres of land, with a cost of about 3,000,000 USD. This price does not include the cost of overhead electric lines with lighting which runs approximately 400,000 USD per mile, and hook-ups into the 152 domes, greenhouses, plus charging stations. The costs for the overhead electric line with lighting and hook-ups will be about 2,000,000 USD.

So, the total costs for this massive solar microgrid with transmission lines and hook-ups will be about 5,000,000 USD.

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