For Our Future Generations


"If the success or failure of this planet, of human beings,

depended on how I am and what I do.

How would I be?
What would I do?"

R. Buckminster Fuller

With love for all of our future generations, we will work together to implement the most beneficially enlightening solutions and avoid our impending extinction.

At least one person in a million is presently ready and has the qualifications to join Love Communities. We can start our first community with one person in fifty million.

Love Communities mission is to build new models based on cooperation, creativity, and love. We will put forth and share knowledge and solutions that will enlighten and alter the course of history that is now leading to an irreversible tipping point and our extinction.

We will lead by the example of living in harmony with one another and every species on earth.

We will be environmentally conscious with every product we purchase and everything we do.

Love Communities will use 100% renewable energies, mostly solar, but sometimes including wind and microhydro, and perhaps even geothermal.

The people of Love Communities will live in monolithic domes, which are the strongest and most energy efficient structures that are known. is the manufacture of the monolithic domes we will use.

Love Communities will each have at least a 100-acre organic farm with an orchard, and greenhouses using hydroponics.

Our natural farm methods will grow the majority of the food we consume. We will also have a business selling many of our organic foods.

We will have a gourmet kitchen with large dining areas both inside and outside. The inside area will also convert into a movie theater, symposium lecture space, banquet room, and dance floor. The outdoor area would also double as a space for our celebrations and parties.

Each of our Love Communities will comprise the optimal number of 144 working people when we add in mothers and children this number could grow to 233. This optimal number of people living together is known as the Dunbar's number, and 144 and 233 are also twelfth and thirteenth Fibonacci numbers.

By living together in an intelligent, loving, mindful manner and implementing dozens of extremely critical solutions, more of humanity will want to join our Love Communities.

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past,

but by the responsibility for our future."

George Bernard Shaw